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Dirshu is a men's learning program, but it could never succeed without the women. The heroic Dirshu wives are the backbone of their homes
as they enable their husbands to undertake an exhilarating, often time-consuming and grueling learning schedule.

A great manifestation of kavod haTorah is to highlight and recognize the integral role that Dirshu women play in the limud haTorah of their men.

Dirshu has therefore organized an unprecedented WOMEN'S ONLY program in the spacious Trenton War Memorial where Dirshu wives and mothers will celebrate the Torah accomplishments of the lomdei Dirshu – in essence their own Torah accomplishments.

354 nights a year, Dirshu women are there to ensure that their homes, unique homes that house a "Dirshu Mishpacha",are running smoothly as their men, learn, chazer, learn again and take tests.

This night at the Dirshu World Siyum Women's program is YOUR night.

An incredible program made for women by women will include special inspirational speeches, accompanied by a riveting, highly professional musical performance that will both entertain and deeply inspire. The program will also include some livestreaming to focal highlights of the simultaneous men's World Siyum Event.

There will be bussing from all major frum centers. Stay tuned for more information!
March 3, 2022
ר"ח אדר ב' תשפ"ב
The War Memorial 1 MEMORIAL DRIVE
Womens program Features
Inspirational speeches
Womens program Features
Uplifting musical production
Womens program Features
Livestreaming to highlights of the men's Siyum

Sold Out!

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